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Insurance Projects

MSB has completed over 3000 Insurance related repairs of Commercial & Residential properties damaged by loss, while consistently maintaining the highest rating of Customer satisfaction.

Comments from Clients

To MSB Disaster Recovery Services,

On May 24th, 2011 our family suffered a fire to our home of over 25 years. We lost everything in our garage, including major appliances, vintage surfboards and a fully restored 1967 VW Bug. Everyone in the house was safe thank goodness, but, as you are well aware, the ensuing months of re-building, re-locating and re-adjusting were a difficult time for myself, and the rest of my family.

That brings me to the subject of this letter. The two representatives of MSB Disaster Recovery Services who came to help us get our lives back together. Mark Eaton And Gustavo "Gus" Barrera. These two gentlemen were professional, timely and incredibly helpful, but they displayed a genuine concern and compassion that I have very rarely experienced with other so called “customer service professionals”. In short, they were wonderful. I can’t tell you how many times I would make requests or voice a concern about something and Gustavo would never roll his eyes, sigh, or show any sort of frustration. It was always no problem.

I am very happy that Laurie Sheppard from AAA recommended them. And I will do the same to anyone who has a similar need as we did without hesitation.

Again, thank you.

Debra Murphy

I just spoke to Mr. (Insured) and he told me how very impressed they have been with everyone at your company. Your promptness, knowledge, kindness and patience have left a huge impression on them! He advised that when they completed the remodel of their home, they waited 3 years for the contractor that they wanted. He put you right up there with him! Thank you for taking such good care of my Insured’s!

Cynthia Dodson
AAA Adjuster

See comments in attached file.

Edith Hertenstein

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